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faith-based recovery

We truly believe we can make a difference in this world!  We also believe the more we work together the more of a difference we can make.  

The Daytona Outreach Center is a hands on ministry with the purpose of  helping men be restored.  We guide them towards reclaiming their lives that have been stolen by years of unfortunate circumstances and bad decisions.  Upon acceptance,  we welcome them into our home to live and business to work.  This gives them the opportunity to overcome life's hurts and learn new skills in a safe and protected environment.  


We are here to equip men to go forth and become world changers with the tools and fundamentals that the Bible teaches.  It is not easy by any means but the results change both the ministry and the lives we impact.  


We are always in need of volunteers and donations to help our growing ministry.  If you would like to help please contact us below or click the donate now link above...

Thank You For Helping

Us Help Others!


We occassionally come across someone we do not have the funds to help immediately and will put a notice on Facebook, we also have Outreach Events where we may need your help.  If you are interested in this or would just like to know whats going on please fill out the form below.  Thank you!!





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