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Have you heard your self say this?  

Are you sick & tired of being sick and tired?

There's got to be 

more to life...

Before you apply there are some things

we want you to know:


  • This is a 9 month intensive program

  • This is NOT a shelter, it is for Christian discipleship

  • Visitors will be family only that have been cleared through your house parents

  • No cell phones except on Sundays to contact loved ones

  • We only listen to Christian music and no R rated movies or movies with drug use or violence

  • No narcotic meds are allowed

  • a typical day begins at 5:30 am with lights out at 11pm.


          Are you still interested?  

          Call Pastor Ray for

          more information at

          (386) 566-1651 and download

          the application to the right.