Teach them

to obey

all I have

commanded you.


Our residential recovery program is about discipleship. We live together, learn together, work & worship together.  Getting over the hurts of life take time.  We also have to learn new habits.  


It is made up of people from all walks of life who desire to turn their lives around.  Our plan is comprehensive and deals with you as a whole person.  This includes an intense schedule of work, prayer, service, classes and discipleship.  It is NOT easy but it is worth it...


     We live together as a family.  Right now we only have one discipleship home but are believing and praying for more.  The need is so great and with the issues of life it will be increasing.  

     We have a desire for a farm where we have the ability to have an area for women, one for men and one for families.  This will be a working farm so we can better utilize the gifts each individual brings when they join our ministry.  Also we will be able to grow our own vegetables and animals for further sustainability


All of us need more worship in our lives, the right kind of worship.  Life can get you too focused on your problems.  We start our day with worship that way we are focused on the problem solver instead of the problem!


     Work is part of life, it is also part of what we do here...We have a thrift store that serves many purposes.  

     When you have struggled with addiction and homelessness your work history usually isnt terrific, when you leave here you will have some consistentant  work history to put on a resume.  If you have retail work history you can always get a job


We foundationally study the Word of God.  We have group study and homework is given to do on their own.  We also do specialized one on one teaching to address individual issues.  Along with Biblical studies we teach life skills and include on the job training.